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Lighting Solution

LED Lighting (Tube & Bulb) Series


The T8 LED tube light (fluorescent-tube) —> 12W (580mm) & 24W (1200mm).

LED Light Series

LED bulb series —> PAR-16 (the brightest & smallest 3W-lamp), PAR-30 (10W), PAR-38 (15W), MR-16 (5W), etc...

General Features:

  • Maintenance free & easy installation, especially for after-market.
  • Universal power input 110-240V.
  • Aluminum structure for cooling with cover lens.
  • Low power consumption, high Intensity.
  • Major power savings.
  • High brightness & High efficiency LED lighting.
  • Major reduction in heat generation.
  • No ballast, no starter (for T8 LED-tube).