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Solar LED Street-light and Garden-light Series

Street Lighting
Garden Lighting

The "AP-SL8xxx" Solar LED Street-light series are Green Energy-saving & eco-environmental friendly. Our Solar LED Street-light series have several types range:

  • Solar-panels —> 10W, 20W, 30W, 65W, 78W & 130W. (We have custom-made design upto 170W for Customer's inquiry request).
  • LED —> 2.9W ~ 36W (60 ~ 672pcs)... White / Yellow.
  • Pole height (suggestion): 2~7 meter.

Wide applications usage —> Street-lights, country-roads, desert-roads, parks, squares, gardens, yards, seashore, town house, riverside drive, penthouse, villa, agriculture fields, other outdoor lightings, etc...

General features & descriptions:

  • Optimal design for solar-powered input & LED illuminating output.
  • Easy installation, All-in-one & DIY-design.
  • Maximize solar-power efficiency.
  • Wireless Low-cost & Low-electricity LOSS.
  • Super-bright LED homogenous lighting distribution.
  • Green Energy concept design.
  • Long-life duration maintenance free.
  • Strong housing & weather proof design (protection).
  • We accept custom-design based on Customers requirements or inquiry request.

Our Solar LED Street-lights have several advantages:

  • We use high-quality components/materials.
    • Solar-panel (PV-modules)
    • Batteries
  • "All-in-one" design solutions.
    • We integrate & put together the critical parts (Solar-panel + LED). Headlight or light source + battery + controller,...) into the light-system enclosure (housing or fixture) —> Wireless, there is "NO" external cable or wire needed (very Low-electricity LOSS).
    • Everything is inside the light-system enclosure (fixture-box). It would be highly protected from external (outside) environment or any weather condition. This is also an Innovative, high-efficiency & eco-friendly design solution.
  • Simple & Easy installation.
    • Our product design is like "A man wearing a hat". The Solar Light-system housing (fixture) has a "hole" on its enclosure "neck" at the bottom side. Customers just need to fix it with a simple & straight light-pole that fit-in the size (diameter) of the Lighting enclosure "neck hole".
    • This is much more efficiency, save time & minimize overall cost- expenses $$$ (labor, installation and working process).
    • Mostly other Suppliers lighting-systems are separated.
    • The Solar-panel, Light-source (fixture), battery & controller are independent and separated.
    • Customers will have to spend more effort, time and cost $$$ to locate & fix all these independent different parts on the light-pole (in different site) —> This might also need external cables or wires connecting each other components. Some critical parts would possibly expose outside (externally). As the result of exposure to outside (external) environment & weather conditions —> There will be significant LOSS or impact for the whole Lighting-system.

We also provide Garden (Lawn) & other Solar LED lighting series. We also have other solar-powered LED lighting products, such as: Solar garden lights, Solar lawn lights (for parks, villas, front & back yards), warning lights, traffic-signs, road-stud (partition), glass blocks (bricks), etc. The "AP-LG0xx" Solar LED lighting applications —> garden-lights, lawn-lights, front-yards, back-yards, parks, villas, residential area, sidewalks, etc...