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Our partner is a company with business focus on high-efficiency, Green energy-saving, innovative, reliable & eco-environmental friendly lighting solutions. They are professional expert in the Electronics, Lightings & Power industry. There is a long history experiences and solid technical engineering background in LEDs, IC semiconductors, OEM/ODM manufacturing & Power energy related industry.

"Design & Technology" is the core-value of our products. We spend most of our resources & effort mainly in research and developing more advance solutions & energy-saving products.

Our energy-saving solutions meet the green environmental protection requirements & international ESCO standard. We have achieved several Invention recognition (awards) & "Patent-right" in our circuit-design, and the IP "Patent" for high brightness LED-module production (wafer fabrication + packaging) engineering process.

There are lots of trade secrets and IP in this business..., but only a core set of companies that have the IP. Such valuable technical data is always highly Confidential. This is also the "Know How", a very important asset for the companies. That could limit competition from low-cost producers who don't know how to do it well.

Everybody uses low-cost manufacturing in Asia today, especially China... The difference in cost of LED lighting is in the choice of materials. For instance, any Suppliers can choose to use inexpensive epoxy that will fail, or they can choose to replace it with any of a number of compounds that are resistant to light degradation but are more expensive.


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